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Why Yoga?

Integrating yoga into an organization's wellness program is a low-cost, preventive and effective healthcare measure that is easy to implement. It is a low-impact workout that is accessible to all, regardless of physical ability. A holistic approach to both physical and mental health, it promotes one's overall well-being and personal growth.

An ancient discipline, yoga is designed to bring stillness to the mind.  Through physical movement, breath work, meditation and relaxation, yoga offers us tools and techniques to approach challenging day to day situations with calm focus and clarity. With this mindfulness, one is empowered to better assess and manage stressful situations as opposed to reacting to them. The result is a trickle-down effect that can change the entire workplace dynamics.

It is safe to say that yoga increases one's flexibility, balance and stamina - physically and mentally. Exactly what is required to meet the demands of not only the workplace, but life in general.

Some Benefits of Yoga

  • Increases energy, vitality and focus
  • Boosts morale and interpersonal communications
  • Helps combat/mitigate work related disorders such as lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fatigue, poor circulation, and high blood pressure and depression
  • Improves attitude, disposition and ultimately productivity and efffectiveness
  • Improves concentration, decision-making and multi-tasking abilities
  • Improves posture, body image and confidence
  • Promotes a healthier lifestyle
  • Builds commaraderie

The Bottom Line

Yoga is a low cost, easily implemented, effective way for an organization to lower healthcare costs and reduce absenteeism at the same time providing employees with the tools and techniques necessary to manage daily stressors and become healthier, happier and ultimately more focused and productive.

            It's a WIN-WIN!


Namaste and welcome to Corporate Yoga Wellness, LLC.  Our goal is to integrate the many benefits of yoga into your organization’s wellness package.  We provide experienced and qualified yoga instructors to conduct onsite classes at your facility. By bringing yoga to you, employers can provide a low cost, easily implemented wellness discipline that will leave employees feeling better physically and mentally, with increased flexibility, balance and focus. 

Best of all, we design it around your needs and time constraints.  We are flexible like that!

Wellness in the Workplace

Essentially, an organization is only as healthy as its constituents. Over the past decade, this synergistic approach has prompted a trend by forward looking companies, big and small. They are looking to integrate a comprehensive, effective and affordable wellness program to provide for the health of their constituents -- their employees. 

Recent studies show that 75% of healthcare spending is for preventable illnesses. Other studies indicate that 90% of all doctor visits in the United States, are stress related. Alarmingly, medical reimbursements for low-back pain in the U.S. alone, is $34 billion annually!

U.S. corporations that offer well designed, effective wellness programs, recognize $3 to $6 in savings, for every $1 spent. The same study shows that these types of programs reduce a company's healthcare cost by 25%, on average.

An organization can no longer afford NOT to implement an effective wellness program that promotes the health of their employees.
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